Picture Frame

Picture frames are one of the best decorations you could incorporate in your own home. They can be simply attached on your walls. On top of it, such small pieces of wood serve as a lasting storage of you and your family's memories. While you can easily purchase such items from a local decor store, do you know that you can also achieve those good-looking ones even without some professional tools?

In fact, creating your own may give you the best frame you ever had. You can customize the frame according to your own preferences. This way, you can be sure that you'll end up with one that is truly beautiful and long-lasting.

Follow these steps:
1. Prepare The Necessary Materials

The first step you should do is to gather all the tools you will need. Don't worry, the tools you will use are common and can be easily purchased from the nearest supplies store. With that, you just have to buy some materials and gather the tools you already have. One important reminder, be careful in choosing the wood. Try using pine wood; they're relatively cheap and very decorative. Tools and Materials You Will Need for the Project:

  • Sandpapers
  • Wood Glue
  • Nails
  • Saws (Power Table and Power Miter Saws)
  • Ruler and Tape Measure
  • Hammer
  • Wood
2. Specify And List Your Desired Dimensions

The measurements will depend on the size of the mat and the picture or portrait you'll be using. However, the inside dimensions of the picture frame must depend on the measurements of the mat. Just make sure that you allot a few extra inches for your final measurement adjustments. The outside length and width should each be twice the length and width of the board. In addition, picture frames are usually cut with angles measuring 45 degrees, so that when assembled, the parts will form 90 degree corners. Mark each measured piece of wood with a pencil.

3. After Measuring, You Are Now Ready To Cut The Pieces Using A Saw

While you can use an ordinary saw for the process, you can also try a power table saw or a power miter saw for an easier and more even wood pieces. A power miter saw is particularly helpful in cutting the corners of a picture frame. You can get it from a store or from online sources.

4. Assemble The Parts To Form The Picture Frame

Assemble the different wood pieces. Try other combinations if the pieces don't fit together. If all else fails, you can always adjust the length of the wood by using a sandpaper and a saw. Use wood glue in fastening the parts of the picture frame. For a sturdier frame, you can use small-sized nails in fastening the wood pieces.

5. Finish And Design

The design and finishing often defines the attractiveness of picture frames. With this, you may paint, varnish or stain your picture frame, or you can just smooth out the wood with a sandpaper. This, again, depends on your tastes.